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Revolution in the Home

Noah is more than I could have ever asked for.  I didn’t believe it when I met him but sure enough, as the months past by, God woke me up to my self-centeredness and pushed me off my high horse.  The fall was, and still is at times, painful but well worth it.

I was taught to never settle in the area of men and so began my search for the “perfect male.”  Starting in middle school, I started to write down what it was that I would be looking for in a future husband.  By my sophomore year in high school, the qualifications grew into a five page, front and back, list that I stuck to very faithfully.  Needless to say, my high school relationship didn’t make the cut. 

God started to break down those “qualifications” starting by the burning of my list in the janitor’s closet on the fourth floor of my dorm building, accompanied by Shanna and Michelle.  Sadly, the burning of the list didn’t take away my ideals.  It took the next SEVEN years and getting married for me to finally throw the list out for good.

Noah seems to be almost perfect in every way except for the areas that are common to man.  One thing that I appreciate about him is that he constantly reminds me to remember my dreams whether it be my passion to serve women or my great idea to drink a green smoothie three times a day for a month.  Yep, you heard me correctly and yes I agree that it sounds absolutely horrible and a rotten idea to drink nothing but a green smoothie for a MONTH but here is the kicker:  it’s not a smoothie that we would naturally choose…it’s mushed up greens and if you are lucky, a banana. 

I read on a friend’s blog about this new book called The Green Smoothie Revolution.  She swore on her life that it would change mine.  I was hooked.  Sadly, it doesn’t take much for me to get something stuck in my head.  I dragged, graciously led Noah to Powell’s bookstore and bought the book.  Noah wasn’t convinced when he saw the front cover but I was already dreaming of my new and improved life…not to mention body.

The next day I came downstairs and Noah was reading the book!  By dinner time, he had basically finished the whole thing and was very excitedly sharing with me what he was learning.  That night in bed, he decided to get dressed and head to our nearest grocery store at 10:30pm to get the smoothie ingredients.  The next morning, Noah got up at 6am because he couldn’t wait to try a smoothie recipe.  After not being able to fall asleep due to the screetching of our magic bullet, I came downstairs to find our kitchen counters covered with over $65 dollars worth of kale, spinach and red leaf lettuce.  Noah had already tried a smoothie and then proceeded to handed me one saying that it was going to “change my life.”  It was gross looking.  There was strings of grass-like particals sticking out of it.  I didn’t like it.

That was a couple of  months ago and still, to this day, Noah loves the revolutionary smoothies.  I still have to drink a whole one but have learned to appreciate my husband’s dedication to health and more importantly, what he sets his mind to.     

Thanks hunny.


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