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Think Pink!

Noah and I are leading a small group that is going through the Love and Respect material. We are learning about the differences within the male/female communication world and how little disagreements that are “not wrong, just different” can make or break a marriage. Dr. Eggerichs explains the difference between male and female communication by phrasing it “women think in pink while men think in blue.” You may feel uncomfortable as you read that (I definitely did the first time!) but try to overlook the pink/blue example and hear Dr. Eggerichs’ heart. He urges men to “think pink” or in other words, try to see it from her point of view because the male’s view is completely different.

Noah experienced a little bit of encouragement the other day after he asked the Lord to walk him through his day. It was a fitting reminder that the Lord longs for us to ask Him to lead us by His Spirit.

“For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God” (Romans 8:14)

My days off are usually fun-packed adventures of dish-washing and countless hours in front of the computer screen, hacking away HTML code. This day was no different except that I had a few errands to run. I welcomed the chance to get outside and drive a bit, just me and my thoughts.

As I set out towards my first stop I felt the spirit leading me to pray, “Father, please lead me today by your spirit.” That simple prayer gave me an entirely different outlook on everyone I ran into and everything I did. I made a stop at the auto store and then I was off to the post office. Often I’ll find myself standing in a 20min line knee-deep in the smell of stamps and stationary waiting to simply purchase some stamps, but today was different. Unlike many, this post office branch was completely vacant and appeared to be closed from the outside. After careful examination I discovered that the office was indeed open and there was one lonely clerk way in the back eating his lunch. I didn’t want to be “that guy” so I patiently waited for him to notice that I was at the counter rather than holler obnoxiously. He finally saw me and rushed up to help. We had a friendly exchange, and I purchased some stamps and mailed a few items. I mentioned to him that my new bride and I needed to mail off about 200 thank you cards and that I’d be back soon. As I turned to exit the office the clerk said,
“So… how’s the marriage going?” I immediately stopped at this question and turned, intrigued that he had taken a step beyond the normal “business-small-talk” that we usually get in such encounters.
“Good.” I said.
…”Are you learning to think in pink?” he asked.

I smiled, and slowly walked back over to the counter, remembering my prayer only 30min prior. We proceeded to talk about Love and Respect and Dr. Eggerichs, and I told him how my wife had the privilege of working alongside Joy Eggerichs.

We shook hands and he introduced himself as Walter. I’m not sure how to explain it but I felt like God was in the room with us, and I couldn’t wait to tell my wife Katie and her boss Joy. I no longer doubt that when I ask the Lord to lead me He will, no doubt. I haven’t gone back to the post office yet, but I’m half-expecting to not to see Walter again. I wouldn’t be surprised if no one by that name even worked there. “


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