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Friday Favorites

Because this week’s Friday Favorites is a jump off of today’s blog, I’m going to go ahead and post it a little early!  In all honesty, I’ll probably forget if I don’t do it now.

Today’s favorite is the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. The houses range from teeny to tiny.  I will admit that some of the houses shown made me feel a little claustrophobic (okay…more then a little) but in all honesty, isn’t a little bit of it really freeing??  And how adorable are these little houses?!

I spent hours one day reading up on these little squished homes and then went out and ran some errands.  Every house that I saw I was like, “do they really need all that?”  (Note:  I’m pretty sure I was on my way to Target to buy some “necessary” items of clothing)  Don’t worry, God quickly convicted me and I ate my words.  I will admit that I run the  risk of becoming judgmental while learning about new things but thankfully I have my own life to keep me from getting too deep into looking at everyone else’s (God’s gift to me and my pride).

Can you imagine it?  Living in a close community with a group of people, all of whom shared a huge garden, home-schooled each others kids, shared a couple of meals as a group every week….everyone would ride bikes, cook pies, read books, listen to records and more importantly, work from home.  There would be a ton of music, dancing, singing and praying (this is starting to sound a lot like church camp…).

Ah, this is what my heart longs for.


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