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Singing Hannah

I made a new friend and her name is Hannah.  In my phone she comes up as “Singing Hannah” mainly due to the fact that I kept forgetting her last name but even now that I know what it is, she is still called “Singing Hannah.”  You will soon understand why but not before I get a few words out.

About a year ago, Hannah wrote a song that she sang one weekend at our church.  I only had to hear a couple of notes and I was hooked.  I had the song on repeat all week long after that and I am pretty sure my roommates hated me for that. They were all music snobs that didn’t appreciate listening to songs on repeat.  It’s different for me…I love the repeat option. Ask my husband. : )

Jump forward a year to this past Easter weekend, where I had the honor to sing with Hannah during our church’s Easter services.  Her lyrics and harmonies are so down to earth, yet hauntingly beautiful.  I am so excited for the whole world to hear this girl so here is my first attempt at accomplishing that for her!  Starting with you.  Check out for a free download of this song!  Check back in awhile and hopefully she will have posted more of her voice art but before you show your support, do yourself a favor, find a corner where you won’t be disturbed and listen to what Hannah has to say.


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