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“Organized Plan?”

A week and a half ago, we moved out of our apartment.  I can’t tell you how sick of boxes I am!  Don’t want to see them, pack them, tape them or fill them.  Moving definitely brings out the true you.  Now that I’m thinking about it, so far a lot of “M” words have brought out the “best in me” (marriage, moving, money….).

In the beginning, I had things planned out, organized and beautifully labeled.  Near the end, I found myself throwing random items into boxes that looked like they might not hold together very well.  When our dear friends came over to help load up the moving truck and their first question when seeing the packing mess was, “Is there an organized plan?”  Good question!  Probably not, but let’s see what happens. : )

I find myself wanting to ask that question a lot lately.  “Is there an organized plan?”  I have to remind myself that there is a plan….we just don’t know all the details yet.  We are right in the center of the moving ciaos and thank the Lord we still have peace about everything.  We are certainly being given plenty of valuable time in learning how to wait and be still.

My darling sister, Anna, reminded me of Exodus 33 a couple of weeks ago and since then, it has stuck with me throughout the transition process.  It reminded of  God’s faithfulness to His people during a huge move of their own.  I have read this chapter many times but this time something new stuck out to me.  The Lord tells Moses and the people this:

“You are a stubborn and rebellious people.  If I were to travel with you for even a moment, I would destroy you.  Remove your jewelry and fine clothes while I decide what to do with you.”  So from the time they left Mount Sinai, the Israelites wore no more jewelry or fine clothes.      (v. 5-6,)

As I read these words I thought to myself, “what jewelry and fine clothes do I need to remove?” Now I’m not a Bible scholar and realize I probably don’t have to inform you of this little tidbit.  I tend to read Scripture and find things that I relate to in a very intimate way but when I share it with others, it makes no sense. : )  This verse, however, spoke to me of my need to get rid of my “gods” or my “fine jewelry” so that the Lord is put first in my life as He moves Noah and I into a strange, unfamiliar land.

The rest of the chapter is all about God going before the Israelites and showing them His glory.  It’s such an intimate chapter as God reminds His people that He is pleased with them and knows them by name.  In chapter 34 the Lord reminds Moses and the people that He will do “wonders never done before in any nation” and that “the people you live among will see how awesome is the work that I, the Lord, will do for you.”

This is my prayer as we are continually learning to trust the Lord with our new adventure.  Noah’s and my life is not our own.  No matter how painful this reality can sometimes be, the goodness of God’s favor is worth every sacrifice.  Bring it, Salt Lake!



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