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Catching Up

We have officially lived in Salt Lake City, Utah for 3 months and13 days!  Its been a fun transition of unpacking, getting to know new grocery stores, doctors, dentists, people, etc.  God has been really good to us during this new adventure and we are falling in love with this strange new city that is slowly becoming ours.

Here are some pictures of our journey so far!

Noah LOVES that the mountains are literally in our backyard.  You can see their majestic beauty from our kitchen window!  Noah has made quite a few trips up to the mountain but I have yet to try my skills at the board. 🙂  Next year….

We are just 5 minutes from the downtown temple.  We have toured the temple squares a couple of times with friends and family that have come to visit.  Each time I learn more about the people and their passion.  The buildings are remarkable and beautiful while leaving you so thankful that our God is bigger than anything any religion or groups of people can put together.

Noah’s sister Meghann and nephew Cole came to visit for a weekend!  Cole’s four goals over the weekend included making a snow angel, have a snowball fight, build a snowman and sled down a big hill.  We ended up in a huge blizzard (Noah is wearing a sweatshirt.  Obviously not prepared!) and completed all four goals in about 5 – 10 minutes. 🙂  It was so cold!  Cole seemed satisfied by the end of the trip which is all that mattered.

My absolute favorite spot in Salt Lake so far is a graveyard not too far from our home.  Roughly 20-25 deer live in this graveyard and have become very people friendly.  I took our friends Kora and her daughter Bellie there for a visit and fed them lettuce which they were not very fond of (don’t worry, it was organic lettuce!).  Next time we are going to try nuts….or whatever deer eat? 🙂  Might have to do a little research on that one!

Celebrity sighting at Park City!!  Sundance Film Festival takes place every year in a city that is about 30 minutes outside of Salt Lake City so we went one Saturday while Meghann and Cole were here to see if we could find someone famous.  Sightings included Andi MacDowell, one of the actors from Lost (who was Ben’s right hand man again?  Yeah, him.), and although I have no proof, I am 100% confident that Matt Damon walked right by me.  He was wearing a huge trench coat, sunglasses and a hat but I’m positive it was him.  I know my celebrities. 🙂

Someone famous, handing out autographs.  Meghann and I didn’t know who it was but I took a picture just in case.

Our living room

Front Door

Dining Room

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

We love our new home and are so thankful that its a little bigger than our last place!  We have a huge open room upstairs (with a polygamous closet!) that we are praying about what we should do with.  We don’t want to waste space and we sometimes feel that this place could be too big for us.  Maybe God has another plan and someone else will benefit from it.  We’ll see.

My two little favorites helping me spread the word about dinner at the shelter I work with.

I love them. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Katie! Oh how I miss you! You were on my mind and heart the other day as I drove home to Newberg. Thanks for the update on your life in SLC. Looks like you guys are finding a home. Speaking of your home, I LOVE your house! You’ve done such a great job with it. So cute and cozy. Love you girl. Would love to catch up soon.

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