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A Little Love From Portland

The month of February brought us a lot of love from our friends in Portland.  Molly and Chris, came down to check out our life in Salt Lake City for a long weekend. It was wonderful having them here!

Just before they conquered the Wasatch Mountains. They are such posers!

Molly lovingly named our stove top “Charlotte.”  They quickly became good friends and provided amazing food all weekend.


Noah almost killed himself running from the car to the bench while we waited for the timer to go off.

The famous In-N-Out Burger where there were several burgers and shakes consumed.

Park City!  Relaxing by the fire with drinks in hand.


It was our first trip back to Portland as visitors so naturally I wondered what my emotional state would be as we flew back to Salt Lake City.  I knew I would be catching up with some of my favorite people in the world as well as driving around the city that was home to me for the past five years.  I started praying weeks before we left for Portland that God would give me peace about being a visitor in the familiar place.  I wanted to be able to leave the old for our new home as well as to be just as excited for what God is doing there.

The first night I stayed with Michelle and her two boys, Khoen and Fletcher.  I was so blessed by them as I was able to watch what a day in the life of being a mom was like for Michelle.  Before I left Michelle’s place to go visit some friends, I asked her what an every day morning was like for her as a stay-at-home mom.  “Well, we wake up, eat breakfast and then have coffee time with mommy.  Then I usually read a chapter from Proverbs out loud, pray for daddy at work and for our day at home.”  I was so encouraged by Michelle’s desire to create an environment where God, prayer and the Bible is a lifestyle for the boys.  Michelle is putting the Lord first and everything after that comes naturally.  I’m sure there are days where the boys are throwing fits or crying over a toy, etc.  but the fact that Michelle desires to make her spiritual life part of her day, even if the boys are not having it, is a powerful statement of laying a godly foundation for her little family.  Made me kind of want to be a mom. 🙂

Transmit Men 2011

Khoen and Fletcher.  Adorable.

We had the honor of playing on the worship team with dear friends at Imago.  Miss those guys!

Little Lincoln, Meghann’s youngest of 3.

Uncle Noah entertaining Locke, the newest member of the family!

Niece and nephews, captivated by the Disney movie Snow White.

The weekend provided so much encouragement for me.  Everything from praising the Lord with a dear friend for answering our prayers for physical healing, to celebrating with a soon-to-be-mommy on the little life that is being shaped in her belly, this trip reminded me of how active our God is in our individual lives.  As I listened to my friends speak of what the Lord had done or was doing, I was reminded of Philippians 1:6 which says confidently, “I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion…”  It hit me that the Lord is constantly working and that I can trust Him with my friends and family as well as what He is doing with Noah and I in Salt Lake City.

Stepping on the airplane wasn’t as bad as I had originally thought.  As we watched the city of Portland get smaller from the airplane window, the only thing that brought me to tears was the realization of how loved we are. “We are so blessed” was the only thing we could whisper as we smiled in worship. Every person in our lives is a blessing and we couldn’t imagine even one of our friends not in our lives.  We were ready to go home to Salt Lake City and get back into community with the friends that love us just as much as the Portland group.  Noah and I have three “homes” filled with people that would drop anything for us if we needed it.  These include, in no particular order, Wisconsin, Oregon and Utah.

That’s not so bad. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Little Love From Portland

  1. Hey Katie, this was such an encouraging post for me as I often long for the friends and family we left behind in the Midwest and as we think about where God will lead us after NC. To know that God blesses us in each stage of our life, wherever we are brings such peace. And to know God uses us wherever we land. Thanks for posting this and for being an encouragement to me :).

  2. Mom – You definitely taught me this as I got to witness your attitude many times during many moves. 🙂

    Megan – Thank you for your kind words! It is pretty amazing when you sit and think about all the places God has had us including the specific people we met. You and Ross are some of the Eau Claire people that I am thankful for.

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