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Start Of A New Year

And one year later…..

I had a coffee date with my friend Becky (who is an amazing and well known blogger here in SLC…check her out!) along with one of her other blogger buddies awhile ago.  We met at Tulie Bakery, which is always a favorite place to meet.  It also helps that it is half way between both Becky and I and is an easy meeting spot to walk to.  I listened to these ladies discuss their blogging world and was really impressed (or more so jealous) of their commitment to blogging.  Becky’s friend asked if I had a blog and to be completely honest, I had forgotten that I indeed had one until that moment!  I am obviously not a “real” blogger but with the baby coming in a couple of weeks, I have gotten a renewed excitement for writing updates as well as sharing our life with our family and friends.  So here I am!

Oh yeah, you heard me right, we are having a BABY.  In a couple of weeks.  We are having a little boy and couldn’t be more excited about it.  The last nine months have been awesome and I have been blessed with a very laid back, easy pregnancy.  I didn’t have morning sickness or the desire to sleep all the time.  In fact, I have had more energy than I have had in a long time!  That is, up until a month ago….At about 33 weeks, I was finally feeling PREGNANT.  It hurt when I walked, sat down, stood, etc.  Braxton Hicks was a familiar pregnancy symptom that I know all too well and also started to limit my ability to be physically active.  I cannot tell you how frustrating is to have a ton of energy, get bundle up and go for a walk outside, only to have to turn back after two blocks and head home!

When we first found out we were pregnant, Noah and I read many books on the kind of delivery we wanted to pursue.  We landed on Hypnobirthing along with some pieces of advice from other authors.  We have loved Hypnobirthing and would encourage anyone to look into it!  Hypnobirthing focuses on relaxation in a way that nobody else does (and no, it’s not demonic!).  It also involves the husband in a way that Noah and I both really appreciated.  It’s been really encouraging to see Noah step up and lead us in this, rather than be just the hand-holder/”here is an ice chip” husband.  He has had to practice his role just as much as I have.  We have experienced great bonding in the last 9 months which will, hopefully, reap benefits when the real thing comes along!

A couple of my sweet friends put together a baby shower for me where I was deeply encouraged.  I felt so supported by the women that came and was a little overwhelmed by how much relationships can change in a short amount of time.  We have such an amazing community here in SLC, I can’t imagine these women in my life.  We are so thankful that God brought us here!  We swapped stories of breastfeeding, black tea bags and cabbage leaves (I’ll explain later), sleeping, emotions, labor and delivery.  It was pretty comical yet very honest, which I so appreciated.  The fact that pregnancy brings all sorts of different emotions was also a popular topic.  This symptom has been a new one for me and has kind of taken me off guard, or should I say, has taken Noah off guard!

For instance, the other night I put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and had the kitchen spic-and-span.  I left the room for maybe a minute or two and when I returned there was a bowl filled with milk, a spoon and three cups (don’t ask me why he was using three) in the sink.  I lost it right then and there.  Noah rushed into the kitchen to see what I was so upset about only to see me pointing to the dirty dishes in the sink.  After some “discussion” and apologizing to Noah, he put his dishes away and I was left wondering what in the world just happened?!  Since then, we have had moments where I lose it for no reason, but thank the Lord that there is grace.  Noah has been the most patient and steady person in my life and yet knows when I’m not being realistic and calls me out on it.

In the beginning of my pregnancy, my friend Kora advised me to start praying against postpartum depression, my emotional-ness, physical healing, etc.  I have had many friends that have prayed against all these things and yet still experienced the negative sides of all.  But it’s not about getting the “right” results….it’s about putting yourself in that posture of giving every part of the pregnancy, as well as the changes, over to the Lord.  It means involving Him in everything.

This is the most important thing I am learning right now.  Oh, how He loves us…

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10 thoughts on “Start Of A New Year

  1. welcome back to the world of blogging friend, i have missed you!! i loved the udpate and am so glad to hear your pregnancy has been going so well! and i can’t believe you are due so soon! i can’t wait to follow your journey and hear how God is shaping your little family. welcome back!

  2. Hi Honey! Glad to see you are back! You are so cute in these pics! Can’t wait to meet my first GRAND!! I’ll come as quick as I can! Love that you are going to join me in the motherhood club. You are going to be a great mommy.

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