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My Friend Boppy

Today is the start of my new job position called “stay-at-home mom.”  It is 8am and so far so good!  Obviously “Little Mister” isn’t out of the womb yet but let me tell you, it is WORK caring him around 24/7.

I remember pregnant women in the past talk about “nesting” and getting ready for the baby.  I always wondered what the “nesting” entailed.  Sounded interesting enough but all I could imagine was Big Bird, sitting in his nest….just sitting there.  Although I do sometimes find myself just sitting there, I have thoroughly enjoyed the “nesting” stage.  It has been such a holy time, as well as a trusting time, and has challenged me to wait with the Lord.  In resting with and in Him, I have found peace about the unknowns that are coming in the next week or two. Although I do struggle with fear daily, for the most part, it has been awesome.

I have made a new friend over the last couple of months and it’s name is Boppy.  My brother’s girlfriend, Tiffany, gave it to me at the beginning of the pregnancy and to be honest, I didn’t really know what to do with it.  It goes where and why again?  I didn’t have any trouble sleeping at night until about month 6 and then it happened.  One night I discovered the awesomeness of being able to comfortably sleeping through the night!  What a great invention and I’m indebted to the person that came up with the idea of the Boppy.

Noah is not really a fan of the Boppy.  A lot of this has to do with the fact that our bed is a queen and the Boppy takes up a good chunk of the middle.  You know, that part of the bed that if you are bed hoggers, is a very coveted part of the bed.  Well, both Noah and I are bed hogs but since Boppy has joined us, Noah’s section of the bed has drastically decreased in size.

The other night, I woke up and got a drink of water from downstairs.  When I returned, I found Noah actually cuddling with Boppy.  How cute is that?!  It made me so happy because for the last couple of months, he has complained about the enormous pillow in our bed but now he will understand.  I almost took a picture with my phone so that in the morning, I would have proof that he does have a soft spot for the Boppy!  I didn’t and he was very thankful for that.

I highly encourage all of you to go buy a Boppy of your own.  Pregnant or not!  You will forever thank me.


4 thoughts on “My Friend Boppy

  1. Oh, you’re home from work! We should go get coffee or hang out or something, if you’re feeling up to it in these last, challenging, not-super-awesome days. 🙂

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