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Random Musings

Random.  Indecisive.  Spacey.  Blunt.  Non-emotional.  Very emotional.  Scared. Confident.  Nesting.

These are just a few words that describe me to the tee, especially in the last few days.  Okay, in the last couple of weeks.  I’m sure Noah could offer a few more adjectives to the list but we won’t ask him what those are right now.

We are, however, very anticipatory, wondering when Little Mister will be making his appearance.  It kind of drives me crazy not knowing!  This pregnancy has revealed to me that I am a controller.  Yes, I know…I was equally surprised!  However, if you were to ask my mom, sister or close friends, they probably wouldn’t be as surprised.  🙂  You can’t be a controller if you are pregnant.  It takes away all the joy that pregnancy is supposed to be.  It’s amazing how Little Mister isn’t out yet and God is already using him to show me more of Himself as well as myself.

The beginning of this week, I struggled with some fear of the unknown, the upcoming transition for both Noah and I, labor, etc.  I don’t know when it changed but somewhere this week my fears left and I have had total peace about everything.  I told my friend Kora today that its almost as if I feel a little high (not that I know what it actually feels like!).  My response to almost everything has been “sure” or “I don’t care.”  Kora said that’s what she felt like right before she had her daughter so maybe baby Locke is on his way.

I am continually amazed at God’s timing of everything.  9 months is the perfect amount of time because at the end of it, you are just ready to have the baby!  He knew that 9 months would be the perfect amount of days to prepare us and allow us to get used to the changes.  What a relief to trust that He knows everything and is creating and directing this baby in me to do what it needs to do.

I’ll leave you with two stories from this week that made my heart smile.

1.  My friend Suzanne sent out a mass text to some ladies, asking for prayer regarding a new ministry that she is starting for young women.  One of the ladies included in the mass text hit reply all and said “Yeah!  It’s happening!”  My friend, Becky, thought I had sent the text and was ecstatic because she thought I was going into labor!  She was all ready to tell the SLC world.  So thankful that we have friends in our life that are just as excited for baby Locke to join the world as we are.

2.  I drove Noah to work one morning.  When we got to his office, I got out of the passenger seat to say good-bye to him when I noticed that my crotch and butt area was all wet!  Could it be my water breaking??  I didn’t feel anything!  I started to get excited and then Noah said nonchalantly, “Oh, I spilled some water on the front seat this morning and forgot to tell you.”  Ahhh…..thanks babe.  So thankful for a husband that is such a calm, strong-hold for me.  However, it would have been awesome to know about the water on the front seat before getting into the car….


4 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. I’m afraid I have to tell you that the controlling thing may have been passed down genetically. Oh, maybe you already knew that!

    Funny stories!

    Can’t wait to put Little Mister’s pic on the big screen at church one of these Sundays!! Packing my bags!!

  2. Aw, I loved reading this. Knowing a little about that you’re going through. So glad that I’ve found out you have a blog. I’ll be eying you from now on. 😉 I want to make sure that you come out to Portland, so let’s try to connect soon!

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