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Something New Every Day

Hudson is 11 weeks old today!  These last 11 weeks have just flown by.  It’s weird to think that just 11 weeks ago I pushed a baby out….but then again, 11 weeks seems like forever ago.  He is no longer a newborn which is so  strange.  Can’t believe he is almost 3 months old!

Things have gotten extremely exciting at our home.  Every day there is something new that is discovered.  For example, Hudson discovered his tongue 3 weeks ago as well as when you drool/spit a ton and then blow, fun bubbles come out of your mouth.  The newest discovery has been his feet.  It is absolutely adorable when he will kick his feet and then just stare at them forever.  It’s the little things that are so very important.

I am loving being home.  My days go by so fast and I’m actually doing things that I enjoy doing.  I appreciate my mom’s role as a homemaker so much more!  I find myself thinking about her a lot now that I have Hudson.  The only difference between my mom and I is that by my age, she already had three children!  Yikes!

While feeding him before bedtime tonight, I found myself just staring at him from head to toe.  I couldn’t stop looking at his little nose and baby mouth….I love his little skinny arms and the skin around his elbows…..and his feet, oh his sweet little soft feet!  I think his feet are Noah’s favorite part.  As I looked him over, I thought to myself, “someday he is going to be an old man.”  What a weird concept.  Right now he snuggles me after I feed him and gifts me with a huge smile when I get him out of his crib in the morning.  Its crazy to think that he will grow up to be a man and will have his own life experiences.  I am trying so hard to soak up this season with him while staying present in the every day activities.  Every time Noah prays, he says “thank you for another day with Hudson.”  We are so content being Hudson’s parents while learning more about him every day.  It’s crazy to think that God loves us so much more as his children.  It blows my mind.

Thank you, Lord, for another day with our sweet little boy.



One thought on “Something New Every Day

  1. Thanks for the update Katie!! I have been wondering what you have been up to and how that sweet little Hudson has been doing. I have been following your mom’s blog too since you posted her link and I have really enjoyed it! We are counting down the weeks, only 4 1/2 to go until we meet our sweet little boy!

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