A Portland Christmas

We made it.

Thirteen hours later, we found ourselves driving past familiar billboards and road signs.  The street names that used to be a daily reminder of where we lived brought back many memories for Noah and I as we drove into the city of Portland.

Hudson, was a champ.  He didn’t lose control until we were about half way through the Columbia Gorge (I forgot how LONG that thing is!).  He was pretty content with snacks, his Mr. Monkey and binkie.  It was obvious, however, that by the time we got to Noah’s parent’s house, we had pushed him to his limits.  

Driving into Portland brought up some homesickness for what was familiar.  I get this every time I go back and visit a place where I have lived for a certain amount of time.  I always seem to want to revert back to who I was and what was taking place at that time.  

Hudson brings me back to reality.  Noah and I could easily go spend hours downtown like the “good ol’ days,” act like we did in our dating years or first year of marriage, but then I smell something poopie and I go tend to a little boy who is completely dependent on me.  

So far the trip has been nothing but relaxing.  We haven’t made it into the city yet but instead havent’ left my in-law’s home.  We slept, had breakfast, drank coffee, played with Huds and now Noah and I are going to finish making the rest of his sister’s Christmas presents.  Pictures will be coming!



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