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Halfway through our Portland trip Hudson caught a cold, a really bad cold.  Guess who got it next?  Me.  Then Noah.  Awesome.

We are still on the mend but it hasn’t been easy.  In fact, I think we are all on round two.  I am facing the hard reality that being a parent with a sick kid means your (social) life literally stops.  It is even harder when both of you are sick because you are literally at the mercy of nap time.

During my first pregnancy, I was able to come home and take a bath, read books or listen to hypnobirthing while welcoming sweet naps.  It was great.  This second pregnancy is completely different.  I have sometimes forgotten that I am indeed pregnant!  Hudson is my daily focus and he definitely keeps me on my toes.

Hudson and Baby will be almost exactly a year and a half apart.  There isn’t a day that goes by where we are completely stoked for Baby but then there are days where we look at each other and say, “do we really know what we are doing?!”  I emailed a friend that has three young children, all under the age of four.  I asked for advice and what her experience was/has been.  Her response was so encouraging and it got me excited for the challenge of having two under the age of two!

One thing she encouraged me in was my quiet times with the Lord.  “Nurture your spiritual life.”  A no brainer but she said that with her first child, she was able to find time.  After the second, she found that her quiet times didn’t always look like an hour in the word.  The Lord met her through worship, an encouraging phone call, etc.  

This will be a change for me.  I’m used to having my time but honestly, I’m looking forward to finding the Lord in different ways other then what I’m used to.  It will be a test for me, to see what I’m like without a structured Bible study to walk me through Scripture….the way it probably should be.

One of my outlets is worship.  I love having it on while Huds and I are at the house and it can sometimes make/break my attitude.  I’m picky when it comes to worship music (probably to my detriment) but a friend recently reminded me of the Bethel Church’s worship CDs.  I can’t stop listening.  So good and spirit filled.  There is one song called “A Little Longer” and it is my to-go song when Hudson is taking his nap….or any time throughout the day for that matter.  Here is a little preview of the song’s lyrics.

Wait… this moment is too sweet
Would you please stay here with Me
And love on Me a little longer”

I hear You say… 
“You… don’t have to do a thing
Just simply be with me and let those things go
‘Cause they can wait another minute

Wait… this moment is too sweet
Would you please stay here with Me
And love on Me a little longer
I’d love to be with you a little longer
‘Cause I’m in love with you

In one version of the song, the singer goes off in her own little lyric worship world and says, “the kids can wait a little longer, just sit here with me.”  It made me smile to think that there might be parents out there that would probably not like that line…but its true.  The Lord comes first and in that, I believe you are parenting.

Click here for the song.  Enjoy.


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