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Entering a New Season

I love word definitions.

They make the words that I read come alive, especially while reading Scripture.  We all know that one definition for the word “Transition” means “a passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another.  That’s the most familiar one to most everyone and not necessarily a definition that causes me to stop and meditate.  

But what about the others?  I personally loved the second definition which says, “a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.”

Movement.  Development.  Stage.

These words are not as scary to me as “change.”  Change is one of those words that nobody really cares for.  When it comes to our family, I guess you could add us at the bottom of the definition list because transition and change is exactly what we are dealing with right now.

We are moving to Madison, Wisconsin!  Never thought I would say that and although it still seems weird when I speak it, I see this move as a complete gift from the Lord.  He is letting me go home.  We feel peace and the leading of the Holy Spirit in this direction.

Last but not least, I should probably also mention that we are now a family of four!  The Lord decided that another baby boy would do nicely in the mix of all the transition.  As always, He was right.  Charlie Evans Locke was born July 17th and we are in love with him and his little spirit.  Charlie means “free man” and Evans means “God is good.”  We saw that fitting with the season we are just coming out of (which I will write more about later).

Right now, my life these last few days have consisted of boxes, coffee, laundry, coffee, organizing, coffee and two sweet little boys…one of which likes to “help” with the unpacking.

Lord, help me….



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