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Mortimer The Mouse

Christmas is way more fun now that Hudson is able to comprehend a lot of what is going on.  I think I enjoy showing Hudson the fun traditions and festivities more than he enjoys experiencing them! (See Exhibit A)

Exhibit A

Hudson loves reading books so it was really fun to bring up all the Christmas books my parents have collected and stored since I was a little kid.  His favorite Christmas book is about a little mouse named Mortimer.  I didn’t think Hudson would catch on with the story plot since its for kids a little bit older but after one read, he was obsessed with the story (mostly the mouse).

In the book, Mortimer finds the true meaning of Christmas when he comes across a nativity scene and hears the story of baby Jesus. At the end of the book, Mortimer prays and asks Jesus to find him a home when low and behold, he stumbles across a gingerbread house and makes that his home.

Shortly after we introduced the book to Hudson, I was at the store and saw an all-ready-to-go gingerbread house kit and thought, “How great to have DADDY and Hudson create a memory by putting together a house like Mortimer’s!”  When I got home and showed the boys.  One was especially excited.  The other was doubtful that it would turn into a wonderful memory but instead, would only bring sticky hands and tears.  I’m sure you can figure out for yourself who was who.

Mommy and Hudson won the toss!  I grabbed my camera and sat down to enjoy a memory while daddy reluctantly started reading the directions. All in all, it was a memory maker and a fun one at that!  There were no tears, just a lot of sugar eating.

Takes Much Concentration
Mortimer's House Complete!
Mortimer’s House Complete!

I grew up reading books on Santa Clause, having stockings and pretending that Santa brought all the presents even though I knew he didn’t exist.  My parents, however, were very adamant about Jesus being what we celebrated.  Now as a parent, I’m wanting Hudson to understand what we celebrate and why just like I did growing up.  I want him to know more about Jesus and giving then the plastic toys and many of the festivities that really take away from Jesus and the point of why we celebrate.  Its a challenge, especially in the culture that celebrates materialism and getting rather then Jesus and giving.  With that said, Mortimer was a fun way to introduce a Christmas tradition (yes, daddy….every year!) with the story of Jesus.

The other day, Hudson and I were in the checkout line at the grocery store when an older lady behind us said in a very high pitched voice (because I guess thats how you are supposed to talk to little kids..?), “Little boy!  Are you excited for Santa Clause!?!?”  Hudson just blankly stared back at her with a little bit of a frown and said, “Mortimer.”

We left the sweet, confused old lady and Hudson and I talked about Mortimer all the way out to the car.


One thought on “Mortimer The Mouse

  1. I loved this post Katie! And actually, we had been looking for a good Christmas book for Amos that captured the true meaning of Christmas, but it feels like we are so unfamiliar with children’s books! After reading this post we went out and bought Mortimer’s Christmas Manger! We read it to A last night and he loved it! Thanks for sharing this post! I hope all is well with you and your sweet family! I hope you guys have a joyful and Christ-filled Christmas!

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