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Christmas Eve Baby

This week is birthday week in our home.  We have been, and are about to, celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  However, this week we are adding one more to the mix.  Daddy’s birthday!

I always thought it would be fun to have a holiday birthday but I learned quickly that it’s hard to “share” a birthday with Jesus.  What exactly is it about birthdays?  Whether you love them or hate them, they bring about all sorts of emotions.  They can make you feel kind of lonely, whether you have a ton of friends and family surrounding you or are by yourself.

I skyped with a friend a couple of weeks ago and she said something that put birthdays into a new perspective.  She said she loved celebrating birthdays “because its a big deal to make it another year.  I like celebrating that.”  My friend works with people who are sick and so she has seen people not make it to their next birthday.  Birthdays are a huge deal when you think of it like that and it implanted an excitement to celebrate, not necessarily the person, but with the person.

Noah’s birthday this year looks even more different as we are in Baraboo and away from the people that know Noah the best.  I decided to give Noah a birthday week.  This was a challenge for me because while I have great intentions, there is hardly any followthrough and it ends up not being as awesome as I had planned.  I started planning back in November and put together a little gift that he gets to open every day this week along with a letter from some of the men Noah respects the most.  Ladies, need a gift for your man?  Kind and encouraging words on paper from guy friends is the perfect gift and means so much more than material stuff!

The name “Noah” means, “Rest and Comfort.”  I know that just because someone has a great name meaning, doesn’t mean they live up to it.  However, in my case, it did show itself to be what it meant.  God knew that I needed rest and comfort and that is exactly what Noah has been for and to me.

Noah and I have definitely had our ups and downs, and this last year has been anything but rest.  Even through all the fights, tears, repentance, forgiveness, misunderstandings, chaos, new baby, a toddler, uncertainties and moving across the country, there has been comfort.  I am learning about God’s generous love towards me through Noah.  I can’t imagine anyone loving me as well as Noah does and with such conviction, consistency and humbleness.  I’m so thankful to be his bride.

photo (9)

He is a servant who seeks the best for his family.  He is the daddy that tells his boys he is proud of them.  Hudson, even only 22 months old, knows his daddy loves him.  Noah is the leader in our family that gets up with his coffee and Bible when the morning is still dark.  He drives forty-five minutes to work every day because he values hard work and responsibility.  He is the musician that can pick up an instrument and after watching a youtube video tutorial, can perform you a song.

We are so very thankful that Noah was born thirty-one years ago and that the Lord gave him the role of first husband, then daddy in our family!  Noah, you are our hero, thank you for loving us so well.

We celebrate with you today!



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