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Locke’s Are Moving Again….

…..to Madison!

Living in Baraboo these last three months, has allowed us to pay off a huge chunk of debt.  This is something that we are so very grateful for.  We moved to Baraboo with no definite timeline of when we would be able to move into Madison and with more of a plan to pay off all our debt.  Even though we have payed a large portion, we still have a little bit of student loans left to tackle.  I will write more about our decision to move sooner then we expected in another post but for now I will just say we have peace about moving now and have involved the Lord (as well as other people) heavily with this decision.

We are moving into a two bedroom apartment located in Fitchburg (about a 7-9 minute drive from downtown).  Fitchburg wasn’t exactly in our plans when looking for a place to land, but the Lord changed our hearts and now we can’t imagine living anywhere else at this time.  Our church community is also within 5 minutes of driving which influenced our decision greatly.

I can’t wait to share pictures and tell you more about our community in Madison!


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