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All About Timing

Noah and I have always been dreamers.

We have big plans, but for many reasons, very rarely have they been reachable. Lately, we are seeing that one of them actually could be a reality as we are watching some doors begin to open. We are still in the early beginnings of the dream and who knows how far we will get….but we are dreaming together, which is exciting and so very life giving.

I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning.  You see the presents and you know you are going to be receiving good things, but you have no idea what is inside under the wrapping paper.  The feeling causes both excitement with a pinch of anxiety mixed in.

Emily Freeman’s book, Simply Tuesday, has been so good for this season of my life.  I can go back and forth from contentment to anxiety, wondering if Noah and I need to put ourselves out there more.  Maybe we should “help” make this dream come full term a little earlier than it might want to.

The other night, we were watching an episode of the HGTV show Fixer Upper.  I’m kind of a fan and secretly wish I had Joanna Gaines’ job.  It’s probably a good thing I do not have her job as it has taken me over four months to finish painting my kitchen and bathroom (Full disclosure: I still have paint tape on my walls).  However, I recently bought earrings that look just like Joanna’s leather drop ones, so needless to say, my confidence is sky high at the moment.

In one of the house reveals, I noticed a piece of art on the wall that said, What is on your heart today, Father? I quickly wrote it down, knowing full well that the base of most of my prayers are requests that I think will benefit me or someone I know.  I was quickly convicted at the lack of really seeking God’s heart in our plans.

There can be a lot of tension between waiting on the Lord vs. taking control of it yourself and getting it done the way you want to see it happen.  I know some people would say that I need to pursue my dreams and that if they don’t happen, it was because I didn’t put enough effort into them.  Or they might say I am afraid of failure, intimidated or not confident that I have what it takes.  Otherwise I would be pouring all my time and attention into making them reality.

I respectfully disagree completely.

I am not afraid, nor do I think my dreams are unreachable.  I am confident that if it’s part of the Lord’s plan for our family, it will come about in the most beautiful way.  Waiting to see what the Lord wants with my dreams is not some phrase I’m hiding behind.  Instead, it is something I stand on unashamedly.

I want to seek Him for wisdom in knowing how my dreams fit my life and my other priorities as a wife and mom.  I want to hear what the Lord’s heart is for my dreams because I know it’s the only way they will succeed.

I love the peace and confidence Emily Freeman has as she writes the following:

“Here’s to believing we have something to offer but that doesn’t mean we have to offer it in the ways the world tells us we must.  Here’s to giving ourselves permission to bring our gifts into the presence of God, knowing he will bring them out of us in his own timing and in his own ways.”

Yes!  Work hard, pursue talents, be proactive and don’t just sit on your bum for the Lord to make it happen. We bring glory to God in the way we serve, work, teach, write, parent, etc.  We also give glory to Him when we proactively wait upon Him and His heart to be revealed in our lives.  He will not delay, but will instead make the dream bigger and grander than you could ever have imagined.

I’ll take that, please.



2 thoughts on “All About Timing

  1. Love this! You are fantastic writer. I am in the exact same place right now. Hope renewed, passion stirring, change and growth around the corner. It’s exciting! I look forward to watching your story unfold in the coming months and staying connected in the journey.

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