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Want to Make a Trade?

We woke up this morning, got dressed and miraculously got out the door before 7:30am.  We had things to do and family to see, but first, a quick detour so that Noah could deliver an order of salmon to a local farmer about an hour outside of Madison.

Our family loves visiting this particular customer because they live on a farm and have their own products they sell.  There is something for everyone.  Everything from their local raw honey, maple syrup and kefir, to bacon and beef right from the farm.  And don’t you dare forget the homemade cookies by the door!

After grabbing our coffees, we set off for the country with its twists and turns, as well as smells you don’t notice when living in the city.  We give the boys a couple of books, baby Roo takes her morning nap, and Noah and I get to dream out loud with minimal distraction.

I love driving through the country, especially in the early mornings.  There is something so steadfast, so confident about being in the country.  Whenever I drive past fields and farms, I think of the verse in Isaiah that says, “…in quietness and trust is your strength…”  Maybe it is the faithfulness of the sunrise every day or the way creation shouts out to its creator in a way that is different than city life.  Whatever it is, I feel myself breathing peace in, peace out.

Today was a sweet day because today was the start of teaching the boys about the salmon daddy sells.  We told them about the good gifts the Lord has given us through the fish business and how it is growing because God is blessing it.  We talked about how awesome it is to be able to trade our talents, or in this case, our product, with others and to get something in return.  Not only is it fun to get to trade what we have with others for what they have to offer, but there is a very special and unique relationship that is formed with the person.  We believe God likes that stuff.

When we arrived at the farm, the boys jumped out of the van and ran to “help” Noah carry the cooler of salmon into the customer’s shop.  My heart melts as I watch them try to be big men like their daddy.  I love that they get to stand next to Noah as he shakes the hand of the farmer and discusses the trade.  They are watching Noah use his gifts to provide for our family as well as make connections with others.

I hope they remember these family business outings for the rest of their lives.  I pray our family has many more outings like today’s, and that our children see the beauty in the new people we meet as well as in the many ways the Lord provides.



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