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Charlie’s Little Puppy

This is Little Puppy.

As Noah was leaving a Sushi restaurant, he found this little figurine sitting on a bench all by his lonesome.  Charlie is obsessed with puppies so when he came to mind, Noah snatched Little Puppy up and brought him home.

Charlie & Little Puppy

Charlie was more than thrilled with his new toy and before we knew it, Little Puppy became more than just a plastic figurine.  Might sound kind of strange, but he quickly became part of the family.

We are not the kind of parents that will buy multiples of something just in case the original gets lost.  I would rather have one or two hellish days with an emotional child than stress out about whether or not we will run out of backups.  Noah did, however, confess to me the other day that he searched the internet to see if he could find the exact same puppy in case we happened to lose this one.  What a softy.

Little Puppy goes everywhere.  Because of his size, he fits perfectly in any pocket.  Little Puppy eats with us at the table, sleeps in Charlie’s bed, goes to the library, Costco and the grocery store.  One of the workers at Trader Joe’s even made a comment on how she remembered Little Puppy from the last time we were there!  At night, I sometimes hear Charlie in his bed, telling Little Puppy stories and pretending they are on adventures together.  Charlie has also given Little Puppy his own unique sound.  In case you were wondering, he has a very obnoxious high-pitched voice and bark.  It seems to fit his size well.

Little Puppy Wearing a Backpack

I cannot tell you the number of times Little Puppy has gotten lost.  When we have finally made peace with him being gone, that is when he returns home in his magic-like way.  I secretly love this part because the reunion is so sweet.  After Charlie gives Little Puppy a good scolding for leaving, (which is hilarious to listen to) we all celebrate and cheer, because…well….we all really love Little Puppy.

My boys are obsessed with Toy Story 2.  There is a song in the movie that kills me every time.  I seriously cannot listen to it without wanting to lock myself in the bathroom and ball my eyes out.  The song is sung by Cowgirl Jessie who once had an owner that loved her very much.  They were inseparable and did everything together.  As the owner grows older into her adolescence, she begins to forget more and more about her childhood.  The song ends with the audience watching as the owner puts Cowgirl Jessie in a donation box by the side of the road and drives away.

The day will come when we will lose Little Puppy and he will not magically return home.  Or maybe he will defeat the odds and be packed away in a box with other keepsakes for Charlie to show his grandchildren.  Someday, Charlie won’t carry Little Puppy in his pocket anymore or love him the way he does now.

Little Puppy Wearing a Backpack

I know that growing up is normal and I really don’t want an adult son who carries a little plastic puppy in his pocket with him at all times.  I eagerly anticipate who my children will be when they grow up, who they will marry and how the Lord will work in their lives.  I will, however, admit that the day Little Puppy isn’t precious anymore to my little boy, will be a hard one for me.  Little Puppy is not only a beloved toy.  He is a reminder that Charlie is still very much my little boy; one who loves with no strings attached, full of imagination and demonstrates childlike faith.

I am learning the hard lesson that nothing stays the same for long.  While this can sometimes be difficult, it is at the same time, very lovely and is filled with promises of newness.  Little Puppy has reminded me to slow down and find joy in the every day routine.  This season of life is so sweet and only stays for a time.

I wouldn’t mind if Little Puppy stays for a while longer.



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