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Falling Into Place

This is about the most political I will probably get on social media.  And it’s not even really political, but instead of a reminder to myself of what we are called to as believers. And that is, to remember who is in charge.

I have been a little distracted lately. My stomach knots every time I open Facebook, CNN, or any other news page, knowing I can probably expect the worst. I believe we all have a responsibility to know what’s going on in the world instead of creating a bubble around us while pretending everything is fine or maybe not as bad as “they” (news reporters) make it sound.  There is so much hurt, pain and confusion.  Sometimes it almost seems unbearable.  Emotions soar high, conversations can become awkward very quickly, and whether you like it or not, it doesn’t take long for people to know where you stand on certain issues just by whether or not you liked their post on Facebook.


Oh, and our new president will be voted in shortly.  But you are already very aware of that so we won’t discuss that beauty of a topic anymore.

We had some dear friends from Portland visit this past summer. They are the kind that love God’s word and believe that not only is it complete truth, but that it sheds light on where our world is headed, as well as how the story here on earth ends.

One night, after the kids were in bed, we did what we do best.  We made our way into the living room with wine in hand, and talked through all sorts of topics, ideas and dreams.  Of course, the election and other heavy topics came up and after a moment of silence, I said with a heavy sigh, “Our world is falling apart.” Our friend, Nash, looked up at me, with all hope and an intense excitement and said, “No, Katie…..its all falling into place.”  Our world is positioning itself in such a way for its Savior to come.  The Bible tells us so.  It is positioning itself for the rightful King to reveal Himself and receive all glory, honor and praise.

I will never forget what Nash said that night.  I imagine it was similar to when Mr. Beaver was explaining Aslan to the children in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Yes, there is still some fear in the every day unknowns, however, because we know the story and how it ends, there is an intense hope that brings life and a weird sense of excitement.  Because He is for us, we will be alright.  Our world is needing someone to rescue, redeem and restore.  This can and will only be done, not by any human, however smart, important or powerful they are, but by God Himself.

I have been listening obsessively to Christy Nockels’ podcast called Glorious in the Mundane.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do yourself a favor and give it a listen.  In her latest episode, Christy discusses her newest Christmas album that is about to make its debut around the advent season.  She talks about the thrill of hope that the King is coming.

As believers we are urged to be alert and ready for this coming….not living in fear but to remain faithful to the One who is calling us.  Christy also gives us a glimpse into a song whose lyrics came to her in the car after her thoughts had been focused on the political climate we as American’s have found ourselves living in.  The words went like this:

“The King is coming.  Open up your eyes to see it, open up your ears to hear it.  The king is coming. Open up your mind, believe it, open up your heart, receive Him.”

The long awaited arrival.  Don’t be discouraged, dear ones!  The One who calls us is faithful and He will return with all the glory given to Him.  Let’s be on our knees with fervent faith as well as a steadfastness, knowing He will return and that everything around us is just falling into place for Him to take His rightful seat as our Lord and King.


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